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Career Exploration Programs - YCAL

Career Exploration programs consist of 30+ different programs intended to create opportunities for mostly 10th-12th Grade students to attend and explore a career path that may interest them. Hosted by a business partner that operates within the particular career, these programs are categorized as part of the Career Exploration Series (meeting after-school, multiple times throughout the school year) or the Career Exploration Day Programs which are one-day programs that typically meet during the school day; for the 2022-23 school year, there are nine programs being offered this fall, more programs will be added to the spring semester.
Students should peruse the opportunities available, and if interested, complete the online application when it becomes available September 12th.  As applications are accepted, Mrs. Scott will be notified by YCAL and Mrs. Scott will meet with selected students on an individual basis.
All YCAL programs are field trips, chaperoned by Mrs. Scott and/or a teacher within the curriculum area; the only YCAL program that is exempt from this is Law with Stock & Leader as the program is offered in the evening hours, outside of the school day.  Field trips are excused absences.
Link for application, beginning September 12, 2022: