Principal's Corner

Dear Red Lion Community:


As we begin the second half of the 2020-2021 school year let us take a moment and reflect on the first semester.  The vast majority of students and parents were very happy to have the opportunity to return to the High School in August. Many students have made the most of their return to school by experiencing various degrees of academic success. The formula was quite simple; students who came to school and did their work were academically successful, students who didn’t come to school and didn’t do their work struggled.  Parents you must remain vigilant, the school year will not be getting any easier.  Please work with us to give your student every opportunity to be successful.  Brick and mortar students should be encouraged to attend school every day and to keep up with their work.  Virtual students, be persistent, and attend your synchronously instructed classes on a daily basis.


If your student is experiencing difficulty in any of their academic settings, please do not hesitate to reach out to their teacher. If we work together there is no doubt that we can be successful.



Mark E. Shue



Important Dates:

January 18 – Holiday (No School)

January 19 – Professional Development (No School)

January 20, 21 – Keystone Bio

January 20 – End of Marking Period 2

January 21 – 1st day of Marking Period 3

February 12 – Professional Development (No School)

February 15 – Holiday (No School)