Red Lion AreaSr. High School

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Our Mission:

Our mission is to empower all students to reach their full potential while supporting their growth in academics, social and emotional development, and career preparation.  We will strive to prepare students to be life-long learners as well as responsible citizens.  We will advocate on behalf of students as well as strive to form collaborative partnerships with parents, school staff members, and the community to facilitate student success and growth.  We recognize that student success and growth are best nourished in a safe environment and we will work to provide a school environment that supports individual differences as well as celebrates diversity.

Red Lion Area Senior High School has five full time guidance counselors on its staff. The counselors play many roles; consultants to teachers and parents, members of the pupil personnel staff team, interpreters for records and tests, informational resources, helpers to the struggling students, confidants, and advocates.

The high school guidance department serves students in a variety of ways. Counselors help students with education, vocational, and personal problems; guide students in the course selection process; assist students in vocational and college placement; coordinate and maintain a complete record of student progress throughout students' school years. Five full-time counselors and three secretaries are available to serve students.

Students are assigned to counselors alphabetically by their last name. Students need only to report to assigned counselors for routine activities (scheduling, testing, etc.). For any other situation, students may talk with any counselor with whom they feel comfortable.

Dr. Jodi Stauffer ) (A-De) 9-12   
Mrs. Jennifer Rebert ) (Di-I) 9-12
Mrs. Pamela Scott ) (J-M) 9-12 (Department Lead)
Mr. Ryan McCleary ) (N-Sm) 9-12
Mrs. Lottie Smith ) (Sn-Z) 9-12

Guidance Secretaries:
Mrs. Pat Forney
Mrs. Brenda Wise 
Mrs. Samantha Mentzer

Phone Number 717-246-1611 ext. 6
Fax Number: 717-378-0084
Announcements/Important Dates:
2019-2020 School year...
December 4th - Evening hours for Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Rebert, Dr. Stauffer
December 11th - Evening hours for Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Rebert, Mrs. Scott
December 18th - Evening hours for Dr. Stauffer, Mrs. Scott, Mr. McCleary
December 18th - PSAT Informational Meeting (6:30pm) Senior High LGI
December 23rd - January 1, 2020 - Holiday break
January 8th - Evening hours for Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Rebert and Mr. McCleary
January 8th - 8th Grade Parent Meeting (6:30pm)
January 15th - Evening hours for Mrs. Scott, Dr. Stauffer and Mrs. Smith
January 22nd - Evening hours for Dr. Stauffer and Mrs. Rebert
January 29th - Evening hours for Mr. McCleary
February 5th - Evening hours (4pm-7pm) for Dr. Stauffer, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Rebert
February 12th - Evening hours (4pm-7pm) for Dr. Stauffer, Mrs. Smith and Mr. McCleary
February 19th - Evening hours (4pm-7pm) for Mrs. Scott
February 26th - Evening hours (4pm-7pm) for Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Rebert and Mr. McCleary