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BIO: Mrs. Andrea Rohrbaugh

Welcome to my page...
As a veteran teacher, I have been teaching in the Red Lion Area School District for 20 years. I have my bachelor's degree in social studies as well as my master's degree in education. For the past seven years, I have been blessed to teach our Sociology and Social Problems courses. I love teaching these courses because they allow me to bring the real world into the classroom and hold meaningful discussions with my students. My goal for every class and every student is for them to walk away from my course with not only a deeper understanding of themselves, but also a deeper understanding of the world in which they live in every day. In addition to the classroom, I am also our online teacher for US History, Government/Economics, Current Issues, Sociology, and Psychology.
I also serve our students as co-advisor of our Aevidum club. This is a student-led club that strives to create a school environment where students know that there is someone who cares.  The goal of the club is to let our students know we got their back and are here if they are experiencing troubles with mental health or bullying, or need someone to talk to about anything. More information on this wonderful club can be found at .
Along with Aevidum, I am the SH coordinator of our PRIDE group.  This is a district wide initiative that promotes and recognizes positive behaviors within our students.  Through our PRIDE tickets, assemblies, and contests, students are recognized for going above and beyond the expected behaviors. Students are able to turn in their tickets for monthly incentives such as gift cards to local businesses. Through PRIDE, we hope to create a school environment that is centered around positivity and pride within the school.
Finally, I am extremely proud of my family. I have an athletic ninth grader who loves basketball and track/field. My talented sixth grader is a gifted dancer of ballet, contemporary, tap, and jazz. Bringing up the trio is my energetic four year who loves to go-go-go. I am proud of Red Lion Area School District and am blessed to not only be teaching within this district, but also blessed that my children are being educated within this district. I believe in Red Lion.