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Mr. Cameron Murray first began learning German at the Red Lion Senior High School in 2006. It is here that he also began teaching German in 2014 after receiving his B.S. in World Language Education with the German option from The Pennsylvania State University. Not only has Mr. Murray studied the language and culture of German-speaking countries in a professional environment but also traveled throughout Europe to experience them firsthand. Mr. Murray currently teaches German I-IV. 
Mr. Murray has a Google Classroom page for each of his classes where he posts assignment due dates, information, and other resources. 
The World Language Department strives to provide a unique learning experience that not only focuses on language but also culture. Even though three separate languages are taught, the department enjoys working cooperatively to share ideas and best practices of world language teaching strategies. The mission of the World Language Department is to encourage multicultural communication and prepare students to thrive in a global society.