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Eleanor Grove » Hello and welcome!

Hello and welcome!

     In 1986, I received my engineering degree from the University of California at Davis
and worked as an engineer for the U.S. Army at Aberdeen Proving Ground for almost 12
years. Though I enjoyed my career, the demands of family life had me consider a new
career path in education. I temporarily left the working world and received my teaching
certification in Secondary Mathematics and in General Science from York College in 2000.
The next school year I worked at Southeastern Middle School as an 8th grade math teacher
but realized at the end of that year that my family was not ready for the demands teaching
would require of me. I chose to step back and substitute for several years, primarily in the
Red Lion Area School district, where both my children attended school. As they say, good
things come to those who wait and that it did. In 2008 I received a permanent teaching
position at the Red Lion High School teaching what I love most – Algebra – in a school
district I live in.   

     As many students will tell you, I’m not from these parts. I was born in Chicago and
am a loyal Bears fan. I went to high school in Livonia, Michigan and chose to become an
engineer only because my 11th grade Algebra 2 teacher thought I should. He believed in me
when I had no idea what an engineer did in 1975. Today, I teach Honors Algebra 2 and
CP Algebra 1 B and am blessed to have the opportunity to inspire our youth the way Mr.
Rood inspired me. Life has come full circle.