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Good Holiday Weekend!!

As you may or may not have heard…..we were accepted last night by the Board of School Directors as well as the Choral Music Club, to travel with the Concert Choir on April 26-29 to Boston Massachusetts. Details can be found in the attached letter! Some things to make note:

Please read letter carefully. There are details of the trip and option on payments and fundraisers available to assist in those assessments. Even the option to not fundraise and take the higher cost. All are decisions that need to be made. We would LOVE for everyone to go. If there are some financial hardships, please see Mr. Wise early next week. We would like to look at some possible options to help get teach students to be able to participate. These conversations will be private with Mr. Wise and possibly shared with one other member of our booster club. We truly would love to see everybody able to travel with us.
Please return the Permission slip (also attached) with your chosen sales and/or decision to take the higher payments and not fundraise.
Please return the Medical Form (attached)
Send the two forms with the first payment by Friday, Sept. 9. I know this is a quick turn around, but we need to get a downpayment into the travel company. That payment is due here in September.
Last thing: Please log on to and enter the number 138671. Fill out the information and scroll down and agree. We are not doing payments to Worldstrides this year, but they need info for insurance purposes. All your payments will come to us and we will in turn pay WorldStrides.
Thank you so much!! Looking forward to traveling with this awesome choir later this school year! Please return the two forms with a check made out to “Red Lion Choral Music Club”….and register on line by next Friday.

Hope you have a wonderful Holiday weekend!!